How to Get Healthy Shiny Hair

Hair is an important part in establishing the personality of everybody, especially for women. Healthy hair as well as scalp is a important part of becoming gorgeous. There are many causes for dry hair and unhealthy scalp but unhealthy food is main cause of unhealthy hair. Harmful meals affect our body and activate hair problem and baldness.
Meals to avoid For Healthy Hair:
• Avoid junk foods.
• Avoid spices.
• Avoid alcohol, nicotine and soft drinks.
• Avoid cholesterol rich eatables
• Minimal use of common salt
Meals good for Healthy Hair:
• Protein: Protein can be found in fish, meats, poultry, cereals, eggs and dairy foods.
• Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E help in the growth of healthy hair.
• Minerals: Minerals are also good for healthy hair.
Organic Hair Products are also good for healthy hairs. So, avoid using chemical products and eating healthy diet for gorgeous hair.


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